Fairtrade: Ashton's Food Page

What is Fairtrade?
Fairtrade is an organisation that was set up to provide third-world farmers better money for the crops they grow. Originally, they could earn as little as 1p without Fairtrade.

What does Fairtrade affect?
Fairtrade affects many products, such as fruit & vegetables, cotten and gold. Instead of the shop getting lots of profit more money goes to the people that get those goods to the shop and the farmers mainly who grew them.

Why should you purchase Fairtrade?
You should purchase Fairtrade products because it helps the farmers and producers of the product. Instead of the shop receiving greedy profit you allow the third-world farmers to get enough money to comfortably live.

What does Fairtrade do for a farmer?
The farmers benefit from Fairtrade because they earn more money from their products which brings them out of poverty. This means they can live happily without worrying of a severe lack of money. Farmers across the world will be able to be free and live with luxuries along with the essentials.